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May anyone tell me how to play England CS, especialy the heavly sc.

RN heavy CS at tier 7 and above like trash: short range, bad armor, slow, bigs,... AA not strong enough. repair party not enough for fix dame that cause by it's disadvantage :(.

The light CS got smoke is a little better but still not good.

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my advice is very simple, AVOID THEM (i mean the heavy RN CA)

WoWs have VERY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG learning curve. and sometimes its very steep. 

just look at Orkan, its one of the most suck sheep in the game yet i manage to perform well in it. it take me one year to fully master that sucker.


if you insist to keep playing it, i am suggest you just ignore any advice and swim with the sheeps. 

learn by experience is the best. 



at least Surrey is fine at T7, use concealment to disengange AND DONT GO THE FLANK THAT OUTNUMBERED. sail with allies and support them from the front. when you starting to take too much damage get back! the key is FLOAT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE while drawing fire AS much AS POSSIBLE. as for DPS.... its pathetic so dont expect to deal very high damage.


and remember, YOU ARE SLOOOWW... plan carefully where to move next. you need a mindset of Coward BB, taking advantage in every situation.

again and again,.... the key is to float as long as possible.... if you still lose, your team sux... thats all. this ship have no high carrying power after all, know your limit and dont be frustated


sadly this playstyle DIDNT WORK AT T8 and above, since there is T10 BB that can insta delete you lol

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Yeah, I played RNCA@VI-VII in operations a lot.

They suck even in Co-op.

Light cruisers are actually fun to play, if you get them right they can generate lots of citedal hits.

And you can get to top 1 almost 80% of the time in operation if you use Leander and Fiji.

For Narai, ignore those transports if Atlanta exist. 

Aim for Dallas, Emeralds then go for Lexington.

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Play the island baby care. I mean seriously, until tier 9 Drake, RN heavy cruiser have serious issues with their overall effectiveness. They are bland when it come to mix and match. Their AP isn't anything to write home about till Drake and Goliath. You are stuck with HE for the most part.

So make the best use of them by flinging them over island. They cannot sit as close to them as CL can, but you can use them to mask your position and BBQ any BB venture forth.

Play defensively and try to avoid pushing if you see BB around. You cannot wing it like other cruisers can. Play slow , steady and burn the living crap out of them. Try to avoid chasing kiting cruiser, your shell is too slow to catch them. Try to make them come to you instead by buggering near important points like cap and chokepoints.

Do not try to use your nose or butts to take hits, use your belt !!!. They have good belt, but their nose and butts are crap and have shot traps. Kite away and try to angle so that shots don't land on your butt but your deck and belt.
IF you feel your AA is weak, then play wolfhound and stop yolo alone where CV can pick you up.

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Use spotter plane

Use terrain

You hit hard but you aren't sposed to be firing all the time, you have good concealment, shoot when it's safe and their guns are facing elsewhere or as above from behind terrain or with spotter plane.

T9/10 you can take range upgrade although I don't find I need it on Drake.

If you are struggling too much, play a different line for a while.

T7 RN CAs and up should be much easier than T5 and T6.

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