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When RNGesus both hate and love you in the same battle...

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After a long hiatus from computer gaming, I (ofcourse) also have picked up playing World of Warships again. And what a different beast it is, since I played it last. I have slowly begun to share my time equally among WoT and WoWS, trying to get back in the groove.

One thing I have really enjoyed upon my return is the Scenario battles, hence I had to get the various tier VI and tier VII ships, and among those, I picked up the russian tier VI cruiser, the Budyonny.
And what a delightfull beast it is, even though it is a "paper ship" - I.E, never got past the initial design phase. Developing the plans and constructing the ship got postponed indefinitely, due to the Nazi-Germany invasion, and the plans was archived in the USSR naval archives. After the war, the design and buildphase was not restarted, probably due to a combination of economy, obsolete design choices relating to the post-WWII situation , and ofcourse change of strategic and tactical considerations.

But based on the rediscovered designpapers, Lesta Studios and Wargaming has enabled us to take the Budyonny out for a cruise, and what a blast it is IMHO - at least this battle :).

And thats where my hate/love relationship with RNG comes into the picture....
 I have a special flag for my ships in WoWS, that I got from the Dev team in St Petersburg, which I never have used before - The "Valuable Player" flag which shouldnt give any perks, unlike some of the other "Special" category flags.

The flag is a white Four-leaf Clover on a blue background.
My new conspiracy theory is that this flag changes  RNGesus in my favour !
I mean, it does depict the lucky symbol of a Four-leaf Clover after all...😄
I manage to complete the "For the Motherland" collection, so I could mount two flags on my Russian ships, so ofcourse it should be hoisted on the Budyonny - I got it from a russian developer after all 😄

Into battle, and it didn't look so good after the first 5 minutes, as I had taken a salvo from a battleship, reducing my HP down to about one sixth of the 30800 HP a fully upgraded Budyonny has in the game.
But fortunately in the Raptor Rescue scenario battle, it is possible to "repair", by staying in close proximity of one of the ships you are tasked to protect. So over the course of the battle, I got the HP built up again, enough to survive the scenario battle, with more than half of the possible HP for the Budyonny cruiser.
And along the way, I managed to sink 10 enemy ships, including getting a staggering 33 Citadel hits in on those enemy ships. Not bad for 152 mm guns I'd say.

The video is in 3 sections :

The first part at 00:00:00 to 00:00:58 shows the ship in the St. Petersburg port, as well as my 10 crewskill captains selected crewskills + the flags and signals hoisted on the ship.

The second part at 00:00:59 to 00:18:46 shows the battle as it unfolded.

The third and final part from 00:18:47 to 00:22:13 shows all the info from the 4 After-Battle report screens.
And as usual for all my WoT and WoWS videos, it is available in 1080p Full HD.




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RNGesus never sleeps.

He may be drunk or having a holiday, but be assured, He watches all. 


Welcome back and dust off that Banhammer.


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