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MODS & Graphics

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I have noted in the past how certain mods come and go. 

This last time I noticed with detail when I signed on to play. From the start I noticed enhanced graphics. Then I noticed my familiar mods that do not appear anymore but during this game there they were with NO input from me.

The ships direction compass was not in the center but under the chat dialogue box on the left. The dialogue text that describes my range details/reload times were next to that ( fav mod ), and finally ribbons at the top were different.

All these were transient because during the next session there were there.

any ideas...

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I'm not sure, on initial thoughts; from time to time WG add features to the game that startef as mods.

10.2 was a major graphics update, honestly it's really good although there's still some pop-in issues (where objects suddenly render at an obvious distance)...

The others sound like mods though so not sure with those.

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