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[0.10.3.X] Visible Turret HP

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  • Description
    • This mod visualizes the remaining HP of turrets - yours and foes'.
  • Preview
    • Damage to an enemy/yourself are shown in white/red, respectively.
    • image.png.5c98d2f2ee5fc3653211683f4e5d000b.png
    • image.png.3125322579430b685dd6efa50901d250.png
  • Note
    • Technical Limitations
      • The mod cannot access to ships' upgrade, especially Main Armament Mod. 1, which resulted in an inconvenient UI. (Showing both turret HP and HP x1.5)
      • The mod might have a major impact on performance because of loading a massive file "ship.json".
        • Technically speaking, "ship.json" from "gameparams.data" is not necessary to track a total amount of damage inflicted to turrets. However, it is required in order to get an initial turret HP.
        • You can purge most of the parts of "ship.json" to reduce its size and avoid the performance hit. I would might consider doing so by default in the future.
      • If multiple turrets take damage in a short period of time, UI may collapse or overlap - It's a known issue that is caused by a poor implementation of my code, but I'm out of energy and brain cells to fix.
      • Even though HE blast or multi-penetration of AP deals damage to turrets, they are not registered as turret damage from the PoV of the client.
        Also, it is impossible to get the damage done by friendly to enemy.
        • These may cause an issue where the turret to be destroyed before its HP reaches 0.
    • Others
      • Feel free to leave your opinion about improvement or bug - but I cannot guarantee that they'll be implemented or fixed.
      • Also, if you are good at coding, provide me with some advice.
      • Contact me: forum DM or https://twitter.com/TTaro_ (more active)
  • How to Install
    1. Download zip: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SBUwDMk6McSI5siLXiCZntXuQ16onXEL/view?usp=sharing
    2. Unzip the file and you will get "VisibleTurretHP" folder.
    3. Place the folder under a "PnFMods" folder in WoWS game directory. The path will be something like "C:\Games\World_of_Warships\bin\(version_number)\res_mods\PnFMods\VisibleTurretHP"
    4. If there is no file named "PnFModsLoader.py" in "res_mods" folder, create an empty textfile and rename it. The file may already exist when you have installed Aslain or Official ModPack.
  • Change Log
    • Spoiler
      • Ver. 2
        • Refactoring
      • Ver. 3
        • Refactoring
      • Ver. 4
        • compatible with 0.10.3
        • Refactoring
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