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Aircraft/Aircraft Carrier bug

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when i was playing the aircraft carrier,specifically Langley i sent out 2 squad of torp bombers out to launch at a ship 1 of my squad released and went back to reload the other squad went to dropping point and then they looked like they dropped their loads but nothing dropped out of the planes, i suddenly lost control of that squad when i tried commanding it to land back or go to a point they just flew straight south west out of the map forever. one squad of planes were left, the rest was out of the map, out of the sights,i launched the second squad to do the same thing. then suddenly lost control after the swoop down to what it seems like they are dropping their torps then fly straight towards south west and out of the map again i tried doing everything but to no avail both my squads were still outside the map, not coming back. i was left with nothing to launch and died sadly. please look into this. Thank you

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