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Wgat is an Ognevoi?

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Following Komrade @Skarhabek 's, um, advice? I'm having a look at the alternate Russian DD line, and got myself a "Ognevoi"

Da, iz not bad?

I'm in a bit of an crisis figuring out what style to play it as though.

The ship it reminds me most closely of, is Blyskawica. Poor concealment, ok torps, good smoke, good speed, and superb guns.

I'm running AFT over CE at the moment.


Screenshot (246).png

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Its a great ship. Go concealment build. The torps are really good with flat gun arcs. The torp reload speed is decent. With the upgraded guns it has very good 180 turn time.  It gets def aa (but thats ...).

Be careful going in caps right away due to higher conceal.

General playstyle for me is mixed torp/ gunboat (haven't played a lot but the ship seemed solid to me). As most dds have floaty shells engagements beyond 7 km suits it and the guns hit well. Play it primarily as a torp boat and go in caps a bit later and everything should work out nicely. 

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3 hours ago, Rina_Pon said:




for Russian, French and Euro DD.... Cap is not your main objective, your main objective is to DESTROY and chipping enemy HP as much as possible. especially spam HE to BB

1. if the situation allow (no outspotted by enemy DD or radar), go concealed and target enemy by using torpedo.....

2. if situation is not allow, use speed boost (run and gun).... when torpedo still reload gun and run again....

3. My Kiev repair party, french DD and Euro DD dont have smoke.... so learn how to avoid getting shot at

4. you can use ally as bait, let enemy shot at your ally while you farm damage... when they start targeting you, you go concealed.... rinse and repeat

5. "F3" is your best weapon againts cruiser.... make sure your BB have the good position to fire at enemy CA while you spot for it.

6. CV spotting is not your biggest enemy, since you are make sure you have tactical position so enemy CA can hardly shot at you

7. Avoid sailing to island since its hinder free movement and you dont have smoke...... open water is the best.... enemy CA cannt surprise you as well

8. know enemy CV location and thinking like CV, what is my next target? this is damn reason why DD player must atleast play CV..... 

9. when you think CV is going to target you next.... imma get allies close by....


in case of Ognevoi and Udaloi, they got smoke..... but damn short... think like they are last resort... unless you get all coal upgrade like me, use them as escape mechanism.

summary :

1. a lot of radar ship / a lot of DD and out spot you= gunboat

2. more BB less radar and few DD = torpedoessssman

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Ognevoi IMHO is more about utilizing the fast Torp reload and the gun are for support. The Torp had 2 options , stock or upgrade and both can be made to work. You do not had the density of fire even though those are good guns 2X2 coupled with not fast reload and the need to keep Maneuvering means frequently you are not able to put shells onto the target , use it with this caution on hand.

I like the alternate line of Soviet DD, they are decent boats all of them.

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