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Reload glitch on ships with reload booster

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1. Description


Here's are two threads relevant to the issue. Basically when you use reload booster, after the countdown of the reload is done, but it would not fire as soon as you click your mouse. Usually there are three to four seconds delay, which is brutal to opportunistic ships like Jean Bart/Bourgogne. I have personally sent WG a ticket regarding this issue, and this is the initial reply:


So I sent them what they want, but they blamed me for installing third-party mods, which they claimed are causing the issue. I was about to give up on the issue because I don't want to play the ship anymore knowing that the ship is glitched until I was watching Flambass's stream, that he reproduced the problem several times in a clean client (without any mods), I even clipped his gameplay and sent it to WG, this is one of them: https://clips.twitch.tv/SwissSavorySharkGingerPower

In another clip he sworn, so I'm not posting it here, and guess what kind of reply I got from WG? 


They still blame the mods. 🤷🏻‍♂️

This is the last reply I got from the ticket:


Apparently it is the player's responsibility to reproduce the issue, not the dev's responsibility to debug their code.

They even dare to send me an email and ask me my feedback regarding the support. Bold move.

2. Reproduction steps

  1. Select the battleship Bourgogne.
  2. Enter the battle.
  3. You see a Goliath turning broadside and you try to shoot.
  4. Use the Main Battery Reload Booster Consumable.
  5. Wait for the Reload to finish.
  6. Shoot when ready. (WG: no.)

3. Result
The guns shoot after three or four seconds and the Goliath angles and bounces off your shells before you are able to shoot.

4. Expected result
The broadside Goliath got devastated from your reload boosted salvo.


5. Technical details



If you are suffering from this issue, please share with us your experience here, preferably with a replay, a video, and the WGCheck report. With your help, we shall grab WG's attention to fix this problem ASAP.

Just because this isn't a CV bug it doesn't mean it should be neglected.



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