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Legendary upgrades in ranked

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Is there a mod I can use legally that can detect which tier 10 ships in ranked are running legendary mods?.

It would seem according to the CC youtube fanbois of WG WoT and WoWS that running any little advantage in a battle, increases YOUR teams chance of win.

Yet MM doesn't account for balance in this when pulling teams together from queue, as well as the many other factors....captains skills for example, mm mmm can't wait for the rework to increase imbalance out to 21 points.

And I wouldn't refer to some of the legendary upgrades as small either.

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The UU's are supposed to be a sidegrade, and just change the play style without having significant impact on the overall power of a ship.  Of course, some do provide some power changes, because balance is never a perfect thing.

There aren't any mods that will show you what modules or captain skills anyone is running.  You just have to adapt to what is presented to you.

Also, MM only accounts for ship type, tier and nation.  It's up to you to overcome any deficiencies of your team, or take advantage of the positives MM has presented you.  This is just part of the game - don't expect perfectly balanced teams, you'll be constantly disappointed, and it would take away some of the fun of the game.

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All upgrades are considered equal by WG.

As are all ships of the same class and tier.

As are All Players...

This is why we need skill based matchmaking.

As far as I know, there is no way to know which modules, captain skills or upgrades players are running.

Signals and camo could be identified by sight.. technically, though practically, it’s near impossible to do so mid battle.

Just assume that all players have the best possible upgrades, captain, etc... and play accordingly. Greater skill will prevail against any equipment. Unless the people using that equipment have greater skill than you...

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