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Guide To All T6 Battleships in Newport for Premium and Regular Battleships only.

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DISCLAIMER : It's just my opinion. Do what you can do. So do not cry to me okay? I am not responsible for your losses.



Hello you boaters and nubbies,

I am bored so it may be my first time putting a guide so i  will gonna put a guide to what is best for easy winning and/or want to earn easy money for Battleship main in Tier 6 or Tier 7 Ops/Scenarios.

Imma start at Tier 6 Battleship Guide on this operation on most ops.

I will speak the opinions for Non/Premium battleship suited for This Ops


DEFENSE OF NAVAL STATION NEWPORT ( My Note : Also known as I freaking hate this scenario due to can't reach the other side of the defense line in time type of wave 3 enemies map. Be it Potato or Specialist player in Ops. )


Description: Superior enemy forces were spotted approaching naval station Newport. Your mission is to defend the base until the arrival of the allied attack squadron. Save the base's infrastructure and moored support ships. Remember, if we lose the Newport base, we will lose control over the entire region!

Goal: Defend the base. Prevent the destruction of essential onshore installations and support ships. Hold out until the arrival of the allied attack squadron.








USS NEW MEXICO ( TECH TREE REGULAR Silver_icon.png ) ( The Common-boi in most ops. )


New Mexico is quite good at holding the line against Most NPC IJN's Cruisers and Some German Battleships due to the " All or Nothing Armor " , however the massive spamming from Certain High ROF Cruiser like Kuma can caused alot of trouble against her due to Slow Speed, Easily getting fire due to plethora of superstructures often getting hit my Kuma for example , Cumbersome Turret Traverse and Very fairly long Reload.

New Mexico best stayed in Middle line of the map for the Left and Right wave of enemies . So Turning turret in advance would help a-lot.

Massive 12 Guns 356mm/50 MK.7 cannon had really good penetration. So its extremely devastating against all kinds of cruisers.


RECOMMENDED ~ It is at best for defense at Newport anyway because of how you can hold the line against Izumo but dont try to brawl against it. Try to hold the line and in Endgame battle , you can start brawl the weak ones.


USS ARIZONA ( PREMIUM 10px-Doubloons.png ) ( Aka the Pennsylvania class Standard-Type Battleship in Pearl Harbor. )


What if i told you that this Standard Type Battleship is extremely tough? No? Well, i had alot of experience with it so lets go.

Arizona is also quite good at holding the line as the same as New Mexico. Same stats at Mexico except the gun caliber is different , but that doesn't matter at all because of High Accuracy.

Same Slow Speed , Poor Turret Traverse.... You know what it is.

But the ugly part is that the Deck is covered with 26mm Plating, which means most Cruisers like Kuma or Destroyers is gonna start spamming HE Upon you on all 3 waves.

Instead of 356mm/50 Mk.7 came from New Mexico , Arizona had 356mm/45 Mk.8 Which ballistic speed is slight slower than New Mexico ( save it for reload anyway ) . But nevertheless its very devastating anyway.


RECOMMENDED ~ Since Its fairly different from New Mexico, Nothing much of it . So its good against Defense line and Endgame as stated on New Mexico Recommendations .


USS WEST VIRGINIA 1941 ( PREMIUM 10px-Doubloons.png ) ( Colorado Class Battleship but meh AA . )


This is a basically a poor mans Colorado. When i said poor mans Colorado i meant it has poor AA defense but uhm i do not think the AA is useful in ops anyway. You don't need em in this Newport Defense Ops.

Same ol Slow Speed,  Turret Traverse... Same stated in most Standard Type Battleship.

West Virginia somehow had a poor range of 16.06 KM , making Artillery Plot Room almost as mandatory as it is.

She doesn't have the same Heal 0.66% as Colorado. Thread Carefully.

West Virginia 1941 has the same fairly strong against holding out the line and the same " All or Nothing " armor scheme as Arizona and New Mexico.

The Firepower is a good thing to be exact. It has the same 8x2 406 mm/45 Mk.5 Accuracy as Colorado and Nasty firepower but with poor volume and below average velocity due to 8 guns.


RECOMMENDED ~ All Standard Battleships are able to Hold The line and Endgame line. WV 41 is notably can able to smash Izumo Side if you're gonna toe to toe with her.






HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH ( TECH TREE REGULAR Silver_icon.png ) ( The Best Battleship since 1914 )



Ah yes , Its also fairly common boi battleship due to hit hard cannon. A Super dreadnought it is but also a flawed one.

While this is consider the excellent defense in line battleship for Newport, They are still gonna have problems in terms of pedestrian turret speed. She is very dominant in the right hands of a player who can ordeal against NPC's Cruiser like Kuma and others. Keep it mind that your guns had the lowest volume of 8 cannon, so caution is advised when trying to engage against specific NPC ship.

Quite good turning means you can dodge torpedoes. ( Does Not Guaranteed if you are slow minded tunnel vision player ).

The somewhat 2x8 381 mm/42 Mk I is great at bang down anything that gets in your way, but also had a poor volume. So time your aiming and you be racking up good hits.

The bad thing about QE is that it has largest as ever Superstructure making appetizing target from NPC thinking you're a threat and turned skynet on you using HE. You are as prone to getting fire as bad as USN Standard type battleship.

It has the excellent extend armor against some battleship like Ishizuchi and Kaiser and somewhat best at it against Endgame Battleship like Konig and Bayern on Endgame but fairly poor to challenge against Izumo on the final wave.


GREATLY RECOMMENDED ~ As you can see, the Secondary on QE is numerous in-case NPC Destroyer going close to you so best you keep your surroundings in check. I recommend this as it is as capable as USN Standard Battleship that great at holding out the mid line.



HMS WARSPITE ( PREMIUM 10px-Doubloons.png ) ( The not so cooler Queen Elizabeth Class Dreadnought )



This is my first premium battleship when i bought this ship from Weegee for the first time due to my favourite Royal Navy Historical Battleship.

No need to speak about AA. It's mediocre unlike Queen Elizab- Eh why need that in Ops?

Now where do we start? Yes this is a Late 20es Configuration of QE . Superstructure will remain the same as QE but with alot of changes.

First of all the Secondaries and Anti Aircraft guns are Post WW1 crap unlike QE .

It has the same as Queen Elizabeth but 20es Config hull. Same Slow speed as QE , except the Hull different from Queen Elizabeth's hull. This is a Predominant Queen Elizabeth type.

Same 2x8 381 mm/42 Mk I  that can really hit hard and hit in long ranges and great accuracy. Just like the Queen Elizabeth ( Also known as Just like the simulations wargaming except if you missed alot blame RNG for that) .


GREATLY RECOMMENDED ~ This is a Predominant Queen Elizabeth. Expect the same thing. HP is different but it don't matter anyway for 2000ish Hitpool Points difference Between QE 55.300 vs Warspite's 53.800 Hitpool Points. Its pretty much the same hold out line sector and End Game type too.








FUSÕ CLASS BATTLESHIP ( TECH TREE REGULAR Silver_icon.png ) ( Also known as another common boi  ).



Ahh.. the Balancer kind of Battleship, Giant Pagoda, Can be spotted like as if it was from Kure Naval Arsenal to Hawaii.

Now where to start.. This Battleship is a perfect battleship to handle one sided of line due to Crippled Disabled person on wheelchair turret traverse even with Expert Marksman.

This is a 1944 Final Refit Hull Battleship.

While its a strong battleship for Newport, it is often tend to overthink this as a dominant battleship which is a false thing to say so.

2x12 356 mm/45 Type41  Is consider the best powerful in broadside ingame but suffers tremendously in hilariously great long range of 21km ( further enhance with spotter plane ). But the thing is that Additional leading is recommended too, even with massive broadside power. But then again, it compensated for having better reload time.

It is best played as a mid range . Newport is not a large map.

You will be spotted often from far away .


RECOMMENDED ~ This is also a strong ship for Newport defense due to put those wee wee cruisers out of commission faster. But due to certain Tunnel Vision on Islands Greater Caution is advised.



MUTSU CLASS BATTLESHIP ( PREMIUM 10px-Doubloons.png ) ( Nagato's weaker sister ingame ).


This is a 1920 Nagato Sub sister BB.

Where to go with it.. This is fairly terrible at holding out at Newport due to at time random wonky dispersion even with Aiming Mod.. You got only wee wee but fast reload single torpedo with horribly terrible Arc of firing angles....

410 mm/45 Type3 is the same as Nagato but except this is a Tier VI... so there is some changes.. Expect Overpen alot in certain low tier cruiser. Oh did i not mention about the low volume? its 2x8

Some people may think this battleship is WOAH good for Credit Earner but it wont be expecting to be friendly too due to massive overpenning.

The 2nd Fastest Battleship for Tier VI. yeah...

Torpedo Defense is not the same as Nagato so don't expect to survive that.

Torpedo Launcher is woeful as Smith Torpedo Launcher. While it has 21 seconds, it only cause 10K Damage , 57 Knots is consider slow torps and 7KM is so bad too...  You will mostly used those for Desperate Measures.

The Armor is pathetic. Its not a Nagato 289mm Citadel thickness.


ALBEIT NOT RECOMMENDED ~ Mutsu had troubles hitting ships at certain mid-long ranges and expect alot of overpen mechanics. Stick to Fuso instead.







More Details coming soon.




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