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[Tiny rant] Why Type 1936B?

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As it turns out, the test CL Austin is an actual design that was a preliminary for Wusster-class. Even the "154" is correct.

I guess that one guy who posted a Reddit post ~2 years ago now feels like his suggestion made it to WG... (lmao, as if, if it's an actual design WG will find it and push it into the game one way or another).

But SAP? Lmao.



Why Type 1936B? There are already 3 of the Type 1936-classes (A, A Mob, B) in the game - Z-23 (Type 1936A), Z-39 (1936A Mob) and Z-35 (Type 1936B). Each is unique in their own way, but design-wise, they are almost the same.

Historically, Z-44 was even launched, which makes tweaking her main armament a tad dodgy. Not 'very' dodgy, because WG added like 2 tubes.

If WG want a T9 material for a German DD, how about a copy of Z-46 (Type 1936C) with quin torp tubes and without Hydro?

It's not like there is no other German DD design for WG to use, and they would fit more in to the "slot" that they want to fill. Type 1938B (with 12km quin tubes ofc) is more fitting for a torpedo-focused DD, and she has DP main guns to boot. Since the design would have less HP than Z-46, the ship could retain Hydro. Or give her DAAF instead of Hydro, people love that **** these days, right? "CVs aRe ovERpOweReD" and all that crap?




Why is this even a rant?

I strongly dislike slow turret traverse speed.

I get physically hurt by turrets that turn slowly.

Slow turret traverse speed offends me.

Especially on a DD.

I dislike it.




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Ehh... at least it actually exists. We've had too much paper boats anyway.

Don't the French also have slow turret traverse on their DDs? Except Marceau of course.

Put MBM2 on it. Most DDs don't really need ASM1 after all.

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