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WTF disconnects WG - Ticket sent WG

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Ticket sent to WG

"In four battles I was disconnected twice. The first two times in the first battle , but after six minutes I was able to get back in and contribute to a win. Comments showed I wasn't the only to be disconnected.. The last battle played was disconnected right at the start. It kept asking me to connect. (internet was fine) Then just kept saying authorising... for ages.  Finally it tried to connect and cut off again.  Authorising... authorising.  Finally had to switch of the computer and restart. Eventually got back into WoWS, but this time dropped me in the port with my ship still in battle.

30 seconds later the battle finished, my ship arrived back in port, and I was warned for Unsporting Behavior. I am not game to play until the warning is reversed because I expect it to happen again.

Before you say its something I did, check the results screens. TWELVE players had NO impact at all. ZERO scores. They were all in the same situation. What the heck is going on and when are you going to fix it?

The fact I had the WoWS screen showing it was waiting authorization a few times and for so long shows I was connected to WG.

Please remove the warning and pink status, and reimburse the 8,625 credit the battle cost me. If I wasn't so well off for signals I would ask you to reimburse them as well.

On the plus side I haven't had this issue for a very long time and hope this will not continue for too much longer"




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I got same problem with you

Despite my internet still fine 

What a stupid day

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Yep had a few battles where this happened yesterday, one had 2 DCs in the same battle. 

Went pink for 3 battles but meh, crap happens. 

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