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Analysing Jingles "Fun Police" video to improve DD play

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The video I linked below (The Fun Police) from Jingles was quite interesting, in that it provides some really good examples of what not to do in a DD.  I thought it might be nice to have a bit of an analysis of what went wrong, and how those DD's could have done better.  Let's have a look at what happened.

The first clip, the Halland sees the FDR DB's slowly lumbering towards him and decides to turn into the enemy. Not a good choice, as it means that he is going to be extremely vulnerable if spotted to the fire from the enemy ships near C, particularly the Smolensk. That single poor decision would have killed him even if the CV had missed him. He then compounds this by turning his ship to line up perfectly with the CV's reticle, something the CV was no doubt pretty happy with, given the ridiculously long fall time of the FDR bombs make it pretty difficult to hit a DD that isn't so obliging.

If the Halland had accelerated and turned away when he saw the FDR planes were clearly going to spot him (at 1:30 it became obvious, and he had plenty of time to depart), he would have taken negligible damage from the Smolensk, and if he'd turned so as to be rotating through the perpendicular of the DB reticle as the drop happened, the CV likely would have missed completely, or only landed a bomb or two. So clearly the Halland got what he deserved - such are the rapid consequences of poor decisions at crucial moments in a DD!  Also, rushing into a cap at the start isn't necessary - it is generally better to position between two caps and back a little, spotting and torping/gunboating depending on what you're sailing, and when you know the enemy deployment and are keeping constant awareness of CV squadron type and positioning, attempt to cap when the opportunity presents itself, while always having an out for CV's, radars, and enemy DD's - you need to have the plan of what to do in these situations formulated before you get into trouble!

Next we have the second clip, the Oland. His first and main mistake was pushing to the absolutely most obvious point of the map where every DD always goes on that map, the D4-E5 area. Even the densest and most potato CV is going to send some planes there to look for DD's in the opener. His second mistake was not realising that the Chappy's position was equally suicidal, and that he was clearly not going to be much use for very long, as he was also going to be inevitably spotted by the CV's and focused down from both flanks. The Oland then, after being attacked by both squadrons due to his poor positioning in the opener, decides that pushing into the cap is clearly his duty as a DD, and keeps on going. The CV's are both obviously thinking that this DD is asking nicely to be killed, so of course come back to the Oland, which is now the closest target, and the easiest target to attack, so about as inviting a target as a CV could want. The Oland is on about 90% health at this point, but is dead - there is no possible way he can survive from this point. The rest of it is just inevitability unfolding on screen, although the Oland does make it even more difficult for himself by staying close to islands and thus severely limiting his movement options, while also sitting for extended periods in the gaps between the islands so as to give as much opportunity as possible for the surface ships on both flanks to hit him. Very accommodating really.

The Oland had plenty of viable options at the start, being centrally placed and able to support both the A and C caps if he so desired, both of which would have been reasonable decisions. I personally would have gone around the north of the island in C5 at full speed and operated briefly in the C6 area while I waited to see what the CV's were doing and the initial deployment of the enemy team. In this way I have the option to cap C, or move towards B depending on enemy CV action and enemy team deployment. If he really wanted to go to B he should have started at half speed staying about 3km from the Vlad for the first minute, avoiding sight from the CV's and not suffering from the first attack. He could have then moved to D5/D6 and reverse capped in open water from the north part of the B cap, giving him plenty of options and open water to avoid the CV's if they came to him, and protecting him from the enemy southern flank surface ships so he only has to worry about fire from one direction. Once again though, he got what he deserved from his terrible decision making.

The third clip is generally an example of good play against CV's, particularly in map positioning, although not so much in tactics while actually under CV attack. His decision making was poor in terms of pushing that Cossack early, and he could easily have died because of it if the Cossack had been slightly better or the enemy support ships a little more accurate. Apart from that he plays mostly a great game. At 13:02 he turns out instead of in to the Haku RF's, and he's lucky the Haku stuffed up the drop because he should have been hit hard there. If he'd jinked in for a couple of seconds then out on release, he would have mitigated a potential good drop from the CV. He obviously plays very cautiously and intelligently from there on out, and would have had a really fun and satisfying battle (despite the video title!). If you look at his positioning for most of the rest of the battle, the CV has to fly through multiple friendlies with decent AA, plus he's not spotted for large periods as well making the CV unsure of his exact positioning. This makes him a very unattractive target for the CV despite his low health, and so of course the CV leaves him alone (a CV might be able to strike through decent AA, but he most definitely can't search for DD's while sitting in heavy AA!). He's not an attractive target again until he decides to 1v1 the Goliath while not near any friendlies, at which point the CV drops what he's doing and comes for him - but has TB's out, making it a very unlikely proposition (the CV should have immediately recalled and come back with RF's - in his defence though he probably though the Mogador would die quickly if he just spotted him). At 21:18 the Mogador does make another mistake - he turns away from the RF's instead of into them. This should have got him killed but he was saved by the ellipse shape of the RF's and the French DD saturation mechanics. If he'd turned in at a 30° angle to the RF's, keeping an island between himself and the Riga, then jinked to the other tack before release, he would have had the maximum chance of the Haku not arming in time, and drift jinking the rockets to minimise damage taken if he did arm in time.

Overall this video shows some good examples of how to get yourself killed against CV's. Good play would have seen the first two DD's happily able to minimise the effect of the enemy CV's, and have fun and impactful battles.

Clearly this video also very nicely outlines the main point of DD play against CV's - your AA is not their to save you, as it is a mechanic that is mainly for the CV.  As I've outlined above, your map positioning and your ship control while under CV attack is what is going to minimise damage taken, maximise the time wasted for the CV, and ensure you happily live to the end of most battles in your DD while contributing heavily to your team.


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I kinda really wanted to do a video breaking down much of the above on Jingles video but frankly I'm not interested in rehashing the same stuff that's been said time and time again. And on this subject I am neither a great DD player nor a great CV player so there is an element of 'someone who's better qualified'...

But you are bang on and part of me hates how many YT Warships personalities have jumped on the bandwagon.

Good analysis, at least from my POV, these clips also reminded me of those times when you make a turn near a channel of some kind and cop 3-4 torps and 80-90% of your HP in damage, except at least with planes you can see them coming...

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