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A Mercenary Marketplace

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Hey Devs!

I'm in a rather new and small clan with friends and we can't seem to get our schedules in synch to be able to participate in Clan Battles. Its great that now players like myself can still join as a mercenary but Clan Battles came and went and I was unable to get hired. I know there are times more active clans are just one or two players short of a full roster and miss out on playing Clan Battle altogether because of it. If only there was a better way to connect players like myself and clans like those then everybody wins! Right now my only option is to stop playing while changing my status message in the game while waiting for an division invitation. That's not really good since I'd be idle for very long periods of time when I could be grinding tech tree ships or just having fun while waiting to be invited. Perhaps there could be an in-game Marketplace for wannabe mercenaries like me where clans in need of mercenaries can post openings and/or time schedules so the chances of getting connected is improved and possible even while I'm playing. I'd even go as far as sending a notification while in-battle so I have the option to quit my current battle or at least remember to go to port after it ends instead of going straight to a new battle.

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There is a actual in-game chat that some of the people that is interested to being a mercenary last season  used:


You can try there next time

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