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how we can do for RMT

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This is a suggestion, that how we can do for RMT

There is a more feasible way to limit and reduce the number of RMT.
There are five gears of the Clan War, usually the RMT selects the corps with the highest level to obtain the steel which has no access threshold.
The situation would be much better if time constraints were added. For example, players who want to get steel through the Clan War need to be able to exist for a certain amount of time at a time, the higher the level of a corporation, the more time it takes. From the highest level to the lowest level, it can be divided into 365 days /180 days /90 days /60 days /30 days,before reaching the time limit, they can participate in the competition, but only get rewards other than steel, as the result, the efficiency of RMT will has been greatly reduced, no one has the patience to wait so long to reap so little benefit.

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