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Detonation chance below 75% HP is Meaningless

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Hi Devs,

You guys should really look into the detonation requirement that ship is below 75% HP. It is quite meaningless if a ship gets multiple hits from just one salvo. I give you my painful example in the Daring replay attached here. Jump to 10:30 and see me at full HP get detonated by an ARP Yamato. The person who responded to my ticket says I got hit by just two shells. The first shell reduced my HP to below 75% and the second shell detonated me. That's just TWO hits in a time span of nanoseconds!!!!  Might as well as remove this 75% HP requirement because it gives one a false hope. And can you really expect to be hit only once when you get caught by a salvo? At the very least put a grace period of a few seconds after getting your HP lowered below 75% before allowing detonations or do not allow it at all if you start off at above 75% and get multiple hits from the same salvo. Geez WG.


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