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Tier VIII Premium Ship Suggestion (USS Robin/HMS Victorious)

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I would like to recommend a Tier VIII premium ship that has a strange and unusual history. During WWII, while the US was still getting spun up in the Pacific, the HMS Victorious was temporarily transferred to the US Navy (while retaining its British crew) as the USS Robin. It operated US squadrons, and was modified with US equipment. While sailing with the Americans, she fought in the Solomon Islands. 

My idea would be to have similar aircraft to the Enterprise, but at a reduced air wing size given that she's an armored carrier. Replace AP bombs with HE bombs for historical accuracy given that her aircraft were mainly utilized in a ground attack capacity. Modified with US AA mounts for historical accuracy, and has the options to be flagged in game as either US or UK. Also give the option to use both US or UK captains. If the option of using either US or UK isn't available, then retain UK as the captain since it was still crewed by British personnel while sailing with the US Navy in the Pacific. In either case, aircraft would be US marked aircraft. 



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