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Great Cash grab idea :

1. Sell ARP Musashi for 35K doubloon as ship plus Camo and Weeb commander

2. Sell ARP Yamato Camo for 8000 doubloon

3. Tune ARP Maya into more unique ship by making it AA monster and more resembles to IJN Maya. People hate CV, ARP Maya could be answer



Meanwhile WG marketing :

Heeeey TECH TREE Yamato with camo for 35K doubloon! Copy pasta Takao and Musashi skin that barely people have Musashi ship!





This is the third time i post this pict. DONT GET IT WRONG. T8 retrofit Yamashiro is not copy pasta of T6 Ise.




We know that WG listen, but listening is not enough if you don't understand what playerbase want. The last time i said we want Yamashiro we get Yashima (Shikisima)....


Thats it, i am stop playing and paying. Not only the current WoWs  lack of content but also ship customization.


If you want example of good cash grab game, look at Call of Duty Mobile. For mobile game it was insane to have full weapon customization. "we always have something new to try". Guess what? Build in WoWs is straight forward and unique upgrade is placed behind research bureau with stupidly high cost.

Everything in CODM is obtainable by free  except skin. Its Shame we can no longer have access for some premium ship. New player knowing this fact will Refrain from playing. 

Not to mention the lack of content, i mean where the hell is scenario, more distinc theme map and new mode to keep player busy have fun....

Yes, i said busy having fun. Its not grinding, we WoWs player is mostly senile old man and Weeb. Young Weeb maybe can deal with farming and grinding. But the more i getting older, its become more and more shithead to grinding too long.


I am tired of work, i am not going to work my ass for the second job that reward me nothing but reduce my monies.

I am just want to have fun. I am paying because i want to have fun. 


To avoid misunderstand, i will summarize it :

1. We want more ship customization

2. More PvE content, like story or scenario, or Co OP with hard mode.

3. New Map with unique "feels" or distinc from other map. 

4. Smarter way to cash grab idea and no more lazy ass like AL Littorio and ARP Maya.

5. I will return if we have T8 AL Yamashiro with T8 specification.

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shark apocalypse has arrived. why blame marketing grunts when its probably the higher ups making the call.

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