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Key Battle / Player Scam tactic.

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Its come to my attention that what started off as a few people doing this initially has turned into plague proportions.


Scenario is this.


A number of players friends or associates from in game are invited to a newly created / private chat room

Then they will all click battle at the same time.

Using the chat as a way tell ALL in the room when to click battle.

The intent they use this for is to work around the no division / premade team for Key mode battle.

In one game fore Example at one time anywhere up to 7 players chased me as i amassed 6.3 MILLION NOT A TYPO in potential damage.

One of them even said mockingly ALL their friend where there, at the time i didnt get it.


Several days later after seeing more of this.

Most notable by players leaving a division having turned off their secondaries, so as not to hit their friends next they ALL will all chase and try to farm the kill.

I've just had a game where there were 7 other players ... none in a division (having left a division at the time to gang up on one other player .. none are firing at each other with secondaries apart from being well inside range).


Obviously WG intent was not meant to have pre-made divisions or the option would've been included.

No doubt leading to some high tier player divisions repeatedly slaughtering all.


However the player work around of this has lead to a sort of mega division. where you might get several of these chat groups or 2-3 groups NOT players but groups in the one game.  All focus down others not in their group - not only in their division.


Theyre actively working around the intent of non divi style this is ruining the Key battle game  and its getting exponentially worse!!

I even seen a small streamer dong this technique - ALL join at the same time and telling others how to do it...



2-3 pro players i might have a semi decent chance to outlast wit / run.. 

but against 7 .. or who knows more .. theres no where to run.. .especially when it comes to octogon... 


Please find a work around a no player in a game that was with another player for 10 min something work around in match maker or whatever brilliant scheme you can think up to save the mode from being nothing but GROUPS in a private chat room owning a game(s).


thanks for your time. 


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