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Finally Done Farming Exp in Kansas

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After 30 Battles in Kansas just for farming Exp to unlock upcoming Minnesota....
This What i feel when Playing Kansas :
-Kansas as Top Tier : Pretty Good Ship you basically can obliterate low tier with easy, The Gun got less penetration than Colorado to prevent overpen when facing Ship with thin Armor
-Kansas as same Tier in all T8 Battle : she can hold and be competitive in T8 but still you need your Team to make This work since your ship is slow....
-Kansas as Low Tier ship (T9 and T10 Battle): this is where Kansas Struggle so much everyone want bit chunck of your body Because your Thicc body lol you can still hold T9 ship but not for T10 especially BB and cruiser with tank armor like Balansrad or Pepetro :Smile_trollface:

In short : Kansas is not for everyone, shes hard to play when got dragged to T10
is she need Buff ? maybe Yes just give her USN BB heal like Fast BB Line she can hold pretty well maybe....
(actually i want her got buff in sigma and reload but i realize she met T6 ships in MM lol)

Now i can wait until Minnesota and Vermont Release....

 NP : This FATtleships is good for player who got Suicide Issues when playing BB, because You cant push early with 23 Knot :Smile_trollface:


Kansas 2.JPG

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Hope WG will give it a little love in sigma or make it's 2ndaries potent (range/HE) as she is as slow a molasses with slow reload/bad sigma/dispersion with this she can at least defend herself while waiting for that slow reload with it's main guns.

And it can't help to put a little bit more of fire resistance to this ship since she can't go anywhere anyway when it's caught and everyone wants to target you.  She's suppose to tank with all those armor she's packing.

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Indeed. She is extremely strong when pitted against T6 ships. 12 406mm guns against T6 ships is no joke.







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