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Clan Sizes...

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A thread by one of our own about Clan sizes...

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i'll just copy paste my reply here


as someone who's been vice clan heads for 2 of the top clans in Asia since clans were even a thing and someone who lurks in a lot of clan QQs(think Chinese discord) I understand where this thought of increasing clan size is coming from, but I also think that increasing clan sizes isn't a great idea

this is why I think that's the case.

at high-level MM (typhoon, hurricane)you have a lot of issues with running into the same clans because the population of clans who play actively is so small, last TX season when I was still somewhat active with CW if you play at hurricane there's a good chance that you'll see the same clans(UMR,FFD,ATFD etc) already. 

and here's the issue i have with that.

if you increase the amount of player who can be in those clans, many good players will leave lesser clans to join them forming superblocs at the top,  now you argue that the current limit of 50 members isn't too big of a difference from 80 or 100 members, but most of the good clans at the top only have 7-10 members who play CW competitively. increasing the member count by just a few dozen would lead to a drastically lower clan counts effectively gatekeeping people at storm because every time they try to advance they'll just run into the same clans 


it's not a simple matter of "more clan members = more clans willing to CW", I've seen the same in almost every clan that's competitive where there's 1 group who pushes the group rating and maybe 1 more team who's on and off with different members who want to play for fun or want a bit of steel screwing around. The main team that plays regularly to push the rating is the highest contributor to activity and even getting a chance to group up is dangerous to me, since once you increase the clan sizes, you wont be able to go back once they already group up

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