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Submarine test feedback thread

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Submarines have come a long way since their official announcement in August 2019, with a closed beta test having been conducted, and even special Submarine Battles in Updates 0.9.4–0.9.5.

For the new test, we've updated the sonar ping mechanics, added anti-submarine defenses for battleships and heavy cruisers, and made many other improvements. We invite you to participate in the new stage of submarine testing.

Testing period (UTC+9)
2020/10/23 01:00~10/28 05:00

Prime times (UTC+9)
22:00 ~ 05:00
10:00 ~ 13:00

Please refer to the following page for more detail: 


Also please leave your feedback on the submarine test below! 

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  1. When a player locks on a submarine, show its silhouette so it can get shot by MB properly.
  2. Show where your are pinged at on the ships health bar or the compass on the bottom left of the battle UI.
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Hi, I have played the submarines since the first iteration. But for some reason this time around everyday since friday I have been checking the public test server yet I did not receive any containers or combat missions to play to be able to gain access to the submarines. I need help.

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I can really say the Submarine right now is in more of a healthier state than before!!  
I'm liking the changes that have been made but there is indeed still some issues that truly need to be considered as many people stated in other region forums as well as many Youtuber like Flamu does.

The first thing is the indeed.. the ability of the submarine that doesn't have to resurface forever if they even choose not to.. This isn't coming from a Cruiser or DD or BB that are having a hard time to kill Sub.. I'm in love with using submarine in every game that have them in and like to play as Submarine.. and I do think that the submarine need to have an Oxygen system.. something that are able to force them to go to the top and resurface.. giving the other ships a chance to be able to hit them and not prolong the match longer.. It is also a good thing to for the Submarine player so that they need to truly learn and adapt to the Oxygen system in order to be effective in a match. 

Second one is.. as also other many other people have mentioned.. that the Depth charges can also be used on enemy ships to damage them.. even if the damage is pretty low.. this is quite a bit of a problem if someone where to be able to survive with low HP and died miserably just because of an ASW planes.. Maybe it is a bug or something that are overlooked?

Third is that Everyone should be notified whether an enemy sub can be hit or not and always giving them that info.. At the current test.. A person need to point their cursor to the submarine and lock the target on it in order to be able to see detailed information regarding the Sub, such as the Submarine depth and so on. (I truly think a colored sillouthette on the water is a good thing to be added once a submarine are spotted rather than just a dot and the "Name of the player" above the dot).

For the next note.. I can truly say.. Submarine does have a good chance to be added to the Random Battles.. Although their number should be limited to only 1 or 2.. or maybe adding more players to the Random Match Limit.. With the addition of Submarine, CV player that usually just sit around in the corner will now have something to be afraid of. CV presence in the game is actually alright for me.. Although there are a lot of circumtances that they can be so hard to be killed before giving a lot of damage to the pursuer and usually sink them before they can even kill the CV.

Submarine is the true counter of CV.. I do think it is alright not to put depth charges to the CV as the HE bombers can deal tremendous damage to the unwary submarine players.. (Even more if the Oxygen system was implemented). Something have to be able to counter the CV and that is the Submarine.. I'm saying this not as the Submarine myself.. but as other ships... I truly enjoyed the ASW battle.. using my Cruisers to hunt enemy sub and protecting my team's sub in exchange that if our team's submarine survived.. they're able to haunt the enemy CV that are always harassing me.. Having a Submarine teammate does put more comfort to me as a BB or Cruisers.. even more as a DD.. Some people are too focused about what the enemy Sub can do to them rather than how their team Sub can do for them.

And that's the end of this feedback.. Thank you so much WG for bringing Submarine into your game!

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