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ST 0.9.11 - 0.9.12, New Year Celebration and other new content

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1. We do not approve the increase of price from 1,750 doubloons to 1,950 doubloons.
     We do not mind the increase of phase since she is a tier 9 ship, but we do not appreciate and approve the increase of price.

2. We also do not appove how only paying player can collect research points (even if they have not yet unlocked 5 tier 10 ships), while the rest of the players do not get the same treatment / offer for daily challange mission.
     Please reverse this decision.
     It is very discriminatory.
     It is also becoming more P2A (Pay to Advance) rather than a F2P (Free to Play) game.

3. We do not like research bureau mechanics. We already have given our feedback multiple times for more than 1 year.
     Why give away the resource if it is "popular".
     Re-work the research beureau as promised.
     Otherwise research bureau should be scrapped. It is not popular and has no place in the game.

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