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Alone and loving it.

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When you find yourself abandoned by your team, alone in a 2 CV, 4 DD game and you're in a BB.

Holler for the Texas. Accept no substitute.



Even with the carriers cross-dropping torps on me I still wanted to call out to them to send me more. And the Mutsuki trying to stealth torp me until he got bored and went after 1 of my teams carriers and forgot that I have 5 turrets loaded with HE just waiting for him to get spotted.

So does this count as a 100k game? 50k to ships, 50k to planes?



It was a win by the way, thanks in large part to my teams Isokaze who actually managed to be the 1 DD on my team of 4 to survive 5 minutes.

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Very nice!

27 torpedo planes shot down for only 6 torp hits taken wow.

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