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Some basic AA mechanics

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I haven't been playing this game for a long time except for playing against bots. CVs and AA mechanics were the most significant changes... 

My first question is about AA sector selection. How does it work? Is my understanding below correct?

- A normal state with no sector chosen. 

- After a sector is chosen there is a shifting period which both sides of AA damages are decreased. This lasts for several seconds. (And instant damage is done at the start of this)

- After the previous phase the continuous damage of selected side would increase, the other side would stay decreased. This lasts for several seconds.

- Back to normal but still have to wait more seconds to choose a sector again.


My second question is about the anti-air commander skill. 

I played German BB(T6~T8) before, using the AA manual fire control skill, which used to increase large caliber AA gun damage on picked targets. Now the skill has changed to massive AA fire, which says it can deal more instant damage.

Why this skill icon says "ineffective" now? I changed my Gneisenau commander's skill when I noticed this, but still keeping Bayarn's massive AA skill.


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