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T10 Tech Tree Battleship size comparison (with C.Colombo!)

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All assets are provided by GM3D.com




Above is with Bourgogne but w/o Colombo 

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I don't know whether WG being consistent with their HP formula, but the HP pool is distributed oddly: the longest/biggest have very high HP pool (GK, Kreml), then the smallest HP pool (Repub, Colombo), then high HP pool again (the rest except Conq). But the general trend (logically) is the bigger has more HP.


15 hours ago, LawrenceXVIII said:

looks like c colombo is a middle man bb

"Hey man, hey, do you have that good, good basil leaves? I have the cash right here"

Wait that sounds like something else completely.

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So who's compensating for something here?

The Hotel, the Uber Kraut, or that floating barber shop?

One has the biggest caliber, one is literally an island, and one has the most number of guns.

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Vermont might be slow and look fat, but it's not actually larger than the other T10 BB's.  It also has a 51mm deck, plenty of health, not too much superstructure, by far the biggest salvo alpha in the game with 1.95 sigma and US dispersion and slot 6 mod, and absurd AA numbers plus def AA.  This ship likely won't be much fun to play because it's so immobile, but it will likely be too strong and have to be nerfed in 4-6 months.

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