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ST 0.9.10, Tone, Ise, Werner Voss

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Hybrids have less firepower than usual for their type and tier, and should therefore combine their standard armament with their planes to deal effective damage.

How to you expect to deal "standard" damage if you cannot use main guns while you're controlling the aircraft?

The wording here implies that players *can* (and probably *should*) do that. But CV rework doesn't allow that.

Does that get compensated by having more time to control the aircraft? Or having more aircraft in an attacking wing? Doesn't seem so, as most of the times, you would take more than 30s to control a squadron to attack, and there will be time wasted (aka opportunity cost) not being able to shoot the main guns (while controlling the aircraft), even more wasted time for Tone. Also 3/4 aircraft per squadron, just like any other "real" CV (implying CVs in the game are even similar to CVs IRL at all, which they are NOT). Secondary armament is a passive measure against enemy ships, unlike Main battery and strike aircraft, which are entirely active.

Any time you use one of the two things, you waste time not being able to use the other, despite both being primary features of the ships.

How do you, as the player, compensate for this obvious loss of time and opportunity? Getting closer to the enemy? That is just a death wish, doubly so when you (foolishly) want to control your aircrafts to attack the enemy when your main armament(s) are reloading.

Of course there are ways around that.
If WG buff the main guns, when a player gets in range to use them, they wouldn't use aircraft because the main guns are strong enough to compensate for the aircraft.
If WG buff the aircraft, the player will just keep the ship out of harm (basically being a CV), and wouldn't use main guns.

Ise will just be a bad Fuso when using main guns -OR- a bad Ryujou when using aircrafts, and can't even be both at the same time, which makes her even worse. Same with Tone.


The biggest flaw of the CV rework is being exposed by WG themselves - NOT allowing players to control the ship and the aircraft simultaneously.

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