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Buffing IJN DDs

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With all the Aircraft and prevalence of 12km radars, the IJN DDs have often become quite situational. I'm hoping WG would considering performing some slight buffs (only for torp DDs) to make them a bit more useable. Below are some ideas.

1. increase base turret traverse by 20% for Shimakaze, and by 15% for Yuugumo (Or at least make them better able to catch up to the DD's turning). Reasoning: "historical accuracy" went out the window with Russian BB 30 Second turret traverse. IJN DDs remain the only DDs with such terrible and often unusable traverse speed at high tiers.

2. Give it a new Japan-only gimmick, such as being able to switch torpedo type. For example you can choose to equip 2 of the 3 shima torpedo types, and switch between them like we switch between HE and AP.

3. Slight reduction in air spotting range. Like it or not the CVs are still broken, I had one game in Shima where I actively maneuvered and tried to dodge midway dive bombers, and it took me out with one squadron 3 strikes, each hitting for 6K damage+; If CVs aren't going to be touched, at least give IJN DDs which have very poor AA some form of counterplay against CVs, maneuvering is not enough when they can kill you whenever and get no penalty for losing planes.

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