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CV issues in 0.9.9

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We’d like to thank players who informed us about the issues with CVs after the release and apologize for the inconvenience to everyone.

We would like to give some details about what has happened. In 0.9.9 we've released a global refactoring of CV programming code. While it allowed us to improve the aiming reticles and squadrons responsiveness, the major part of refactoring was purely technical. It was not supposed to change anything gameplay or balance related, but instead improve such under the hood aspects like stability, optimization, sustainability and also pave the way for exploring the hybrids, ASW planes and new gameplay roles for aircraft carriers. Regrettably, due to the complexity of these changes, not everything went well and some issues made it to the main server, which resulted in unintended changes.

One of the major problems with excessive loss of planes returning to aircraft carriers after the attack was already and quickly fixed. We continue to keep an eye on live servers and investigate further possible bugs and issues.

There was also the undocumented fix of the unintended mechanic allowing the extension of engine boost time by tapping the boost key, which was initially applied in 0.8.2. However, it didn’t work, so we fixed this in 0.9.9 with the technical refactoring of aircraft carriers’ programming code. It was aimed to fix the exploit of the situation when the aircraft engine boost could work longer in cases where the W/S keys were pressed frequently. Unfortunately, this was not highlighted in the 0.9.9 patchnotes.

There were also several other fixes which were not added in the patchnotes as a result of a human error:

  • Now AA mounts swivel to target planes.
  • Planes now take off from catapults on German carriers in case there are catapults on them.
  • Aerial torpedoes can no longer be dropped at the same point and cross their paths, with the exception of a converging aiming cone. Bombs/torpedoes/rockets can no longer be dropped crosswise, intersecting trajectories of other shells. Bombs from the planes positioned left will be dropped to the left side, from planes positioned right – to the right side.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a shell explosion not to be displayed when there was a simultaneous setting of an explosion and AA switching off by pressing P key
  • Fixed an issue which caused attack flight that just conducted the attack to receive no instantaneous damage from priority AA sector activation.
  • Fixed several other issues.

We are also aware of an issue with incorrect settings of deceleration upon using the engine boost of German aircraft carriers’ squadrons. The issue will be fixed in one of the nearest updates.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We assure you that providing full transparency about all the changes in the upcoming version to our players is one of our primary goals, independently of the possible perception.

Good luck and fair seas!

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I'm having a hard time believing that such massive changes in gameplay went undocumented/unpublished.

At least, you could have said that you were redoing some technical aspects of the game to achieve certain goals, and warn players that these changes may cause unexpected results.

There was nothing on the patch note that mentioned the refactoring of CV programming code. Some have picked up that the unintended issues may have been caused by the CV changes, but no one expected the changes to be so massive.

Anyway, i hope that the issues are fixed as soon as possible.

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So it was stealth nerf "were not added in the patchnotes as a result of a human error ":cap_wander:

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