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How much it costs for new american BB camos!

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If you guys are wanting info on the new American camo directives in the armory I have worked out what is needed for it.

(100000 American tokens needed) tokens for full completion in armory x3 camos + random stuff like premium etc.

Completing full American directives gives total = 12900 tokens

Needed 87100 to complete all armory stage directives.

So 1000 doubloons per armory pack gives 1500 tokens no matter what.

You would have to buy the 1000 doubloons packs 58.06 times!!! e.g 58060 doubloons!!!!!!!

Buying 58060 doubloons from the shop will cost:

30000 doubloons -> $177 NZD
28060 doubloons -> $168.36 NZD

$345.36 NZD
or $318.99 AUD

That is even if you do every single free mission possible, you have to pay that total amount to get the camos, for the Tier VIII, Tier IX, Tier X Heavy American BB's.

Just keep that in mind if you do decide to do this, I personally will just get the basic permanent camos for them when they are out.

Unless Wargaming release extra ways to earn tokens it will cost the (Total) amount if you do it the free way.

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Yes I did rough workout also just to get Florida, tier 7 russian HE prey will cost some $165 AUD.

Thats $165 AUD will also give you approx a 50% chance to get the tier 9 BB Minnesota is it?.

Which i think is a free to grind ship in the tech tree, if you can wait that long.

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20 hours ago, SardineFish said:

Personally I find the camo ugly.

Freedom Camo.jpg

At least it's free than Puerto Rico Sh*tshow where you have to donate your kidney for 120,000 doubloons

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