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costs of Tier 7-10 ships

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Hey everyone

Okay my issue is that the costs of tier 7-10 ships. For example: the teir 10 battleship Yamato is valued at 17-20 million coin and the ship prior sells for only a value of 11 million which, isnt enough to cover costs to purchase the next ship. Additionally, the post battle costs of these tier ships does not add up and its either you a required to grind or spend real money on doubloons just to make enough to purchase the next ship. Though, what I have found out is that at a lower tier ship the cost of post battle is lower and thus you can make more money at lower levels than higher ones and that this game needs a serious overhaul with the way the mechanics and the costing and after match rewards because I feel that higher tier ships should earn a lot more than other tiered ships. Furthermore, the grind become to repetitive and boring to grind to the top tier ship and dealing more damage as tier 10 which, you actually lose money compared to lower tier ship whom dealt less damage. Example: last night 30/9/2020 i earned 120,000 damage and only received 87,000 silver coin after post battle costs. so in theory to actually grind to a tier ten ship takes at least 3-6 months without any bonuses and just to earn that extra 8 million you would like to have to play almost 500 to 900 games its ridiculous. 


What are your thoughts? 

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That is how the game economy is designed.    Mid tier gameplay or premium time/flags pays for playing High tier ships.   Earning credits is directly linked to your input in the game so onece you get more experience you wil lsee it increase.   Either that or use economic signals or premium time/ships to earn credits.   

Dont ever sell ships unless you absolutely have to.

Many people don't even get to T10 in several years.  The best advice is to work steadily up the lines so you earn enough credits and have a decent commander.  Rushing up to a T10 ship does nothing more than make it frustrating for a player and generally the team mates as well.


Good luck.

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Besides what Ralph already said:

Never convert Doubloon into Credits, the ratio is extremely bad.

Trying to get one of the Tier Nine premiums that are available for Coal or Free XP (BBs are easier to play). Don't bother with T10 premiums if you want to grind credit, just don't. Then use that Tier Nine premium ship to grind for Free XP, then use that Free XP to research the T10 ships you want in the tech tree, without ever grinding the tech tree ships which would be horrible.

T10 battles are pretty bad anyway...



1 hour ago, RalphTheTheatreCat said:

That is how the game economy is designed.


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