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Are they bots?

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I apologize if you feel that I may have asked a stupid question.

I am a relatively new player, playing in Asia server. I noticed in random games, there are quite many players with names that are in a string of numbers, no alphabets at all, simply like telephone numbers.

I wonder are they bots or human players? They actually played much more intelligently than those :name bot ships in Coop games.

But it also seems to me generally these numbers-named ships have a lower skill performance than alphabet-named ships.

Or perhaps I am wrong, as I only has slightly less than 1000 random games, and I have not seen all yet.

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There are players who just use numbers for their names. There are also 3rd party bots (not allowed by wargaming) which some people use to grind credits/xp etc... And then sell the account (also not allowed by Wargaming).

That's not to say that alphabet names can't be bots as well, or that actual players, alpha or numeric, can't play worse than a bot (you play long enough, you see a lot... and get accused of being a bot occasionally as well... I'm not perfect ok!)

So, to answer your question: Maybe (Which, funnily enough, is one of the approximate English Translations of "POI" 😛 ) 

But as you say, play more and you will see more.

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