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Increase Weight of Potential Damage in Rank Games

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Hey Devs,

Stop rewarding selfish players who simply camp and farm damage in Rank battle. My suggestion is to give potential damage equal weight to damage when calculating base xp. Selfish play often involves avoiding engagements hence will drastically lower their potential damage scores relative to the other team members. If the top most scorer of base xp in the losing team used a battleship and has less than half of the total potential damage received by the next two highest scoring players then he gets a 250 point reduction in base xp. If they used a cruiser then reduce the check to one-third. Exclude users of destroyers and carriers from this check. This penalty is for letting your team mates bear the brunt of enemy fire when you should be tanking or drawing some fire away from them but instead you simply stayed out of sight and spammed HE from afar. Maybe you should also double the weight of spotting damage while you're at it.

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