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Not sure what is going on

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Not sure if i'm just incredibly unlucky or can something be explained?

Problem 1

BBs : New Mexico, New York, Kongo

- why are my BB shells fired on a stationary target at ~10kms totally missing by going either too short or too high?

- multiply this experience by 15-20 salvos 


Problem 2

Cruisers : Hipper, Emerald, Fiji

- averaging 144 hits registering as penetration

- averaging 4k total damage


I know i'm new to this game: but i've read through tutorials and guides to aim on where to aim and yes its aim on broadside

- this is evening happening during training.


Just totally defies logic o.O

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I can't answer this precisely as there's some unclear sections, such as the range between you and target, what are you shooting at & where are you aiming at. I will just answer base on what I saw.

Problem 1: the BBs you listed have a bit unreliable accuracy, especially New Mexico with that shotgun spread. However, there's no way you can't hit a stationary target for more than 2 salvos. RNG might screw one or more salvo but if your aim is right, you can compensate that.

If you reached Colorado/Nagato you can have a better experience as both of them have reliable sigma. 

Problem 2: I do not have a hipper, but I know her well. Are you shooting AP or HE, Hipper's HE has really good penetration so there's no way you only has 4k damage after 100+ hits. Her AP has good damage but penetration is average, so only shoot at broadside targets or upper belts.

Emerald is a joke so allow me to skip her.

Fiji is one of the best tech line T7 cruisers out there, but you really need to know where to aim for maximum effect. Her AP pen is ok-ish but she has really low arming thresholds, so aim for the superstructure/upper belt section of BBs, only aim at the citadel if enemy cruisers around your tier are showing broadside. Tldr: aim your shots higher, I think your shots are shattering on battleships' armor belt/turret armor or absorbed by torpedo belts.

If you want to excel in Royal Navy light cruisers I suggest taking a while to study every cruiser/battleships' armor profile, then you will know where to shoot and who to shoot. For example after studying you will know why damaging an Iowa is easier than damaging a Fuso. 

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@rookieFTW covered most of it.

Where to aim is actually a complicated thing once you start factoring in AP.

For HE, SAP (Italian Cruisers HE replacement) and RN CL (Royal Navy Light Cruiser) AP you want to aim at deck-level and the middle chunky bit.

Basically the superstructure bit between the forward and rearward guns.

From around T7+ BBs most of that area will see you get good results.

In lower tiers the results can be a bit odd depending on the BB you are shooting because WW1 BB designs often had a lot more armour (or at least they do in game).

Once you hit tier 7+ you can get similar results from the upper belt and higher as well but it depends on the ship.

Point to note is that some ships have odd placements for superstructure elements, often having multiple towers that are split in mid tiers like Fuso or Izmail.

Your best bet is everytime you come across a ship that you get odd results on, go to the tech tree, click the ship, 'preview' and then open the 'armour' tab and you'll be able to view the armour scheme.

The 16-25 mm bits you'll reliable pen with any CL HE/SAP type rounds. This goes up in higher tiers and with bigger calibre guns.

AP is for broadsides of targets of your class at waterline.

As you learn the game better you'll find that certain CAs can aim waterline against certain broadside BBs, indeed most can, but for now worry about all the other stuff.

Oh and big kudos for asking @Toastie; we get quite a few '____ OP' posts, rather than 'what's actually happening here?'

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