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[Deep Rant] I hate the CV rework.

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That was the TL,DR.



This is NOT a discussion thread in anyway, form or shape.

This is a thread of hatred. There will be opinionated opinions and self-censored profanity. This thread will make Mephisto – Lord of Hatred, want to employ me.

Again, This is NOT a discussion in anyway, form or shape. That is why this is not in General Discussion, because there is NOTHING to discuss here.

This is the most angry you will ever see me in this forum, ever.


The CV rework brought these good things:

+ AA system now makes much more sense than the weirdness that is the old AA system [calculating kill chance by dividing AA damage to plane HP, then roll the dice to decide if the plane gets killed];

+ AA animations and graphics also look very good now;

+ CVs have gained a lot more players to the type, as skill floor is much lower now, which brings more players to buy premium CVs;

+ CVs deal a lot less damage now, making them not as bad to survive and alpha striking enemy CVs is impossible;



However the !@#$ the pilots drop their payload onto their targets or how to dodge AA fire is none of the !@#$ing carrier captain’s business. The pilots are already trained to drop their payload and dodge AA, therefore, it’s pointless and a !@#$ing waste of time to tell them to drop exactly at what angle or now many planes are going to drop first. It’s stupid. It’s absolutely, utterly, definitively stupid.

This game is World of Warships. The CV rework forces ME to manually fly planes and leave MY ship – THE POINT of the game, alone to the autopilot that doesn’t work well.


What's with the even-tier only thing anyway? Sure it allows less CV navies like the German and French to have their CV lines, but their reasons are also questionable.

Easier to balance? Heck no. T8 CVs vs T10 AA is no laughing matter. What about T8 CVs vs T6 surface ships? How to they even balance that? Did they forget that the +2/-2 MM is their creation?


There was a button to return the camera to the default position for my ship – Z. I could have my aircraft squadronS, yes, plural squadrons, fly to their targets and I got to manually control my carrier to reposition or dodge torps/shells as I !@#$ing please.

Now imagine how that would work for CV hybrids like Tone, Ise or some other abominations that the US, German or British or French came up with. I can launch my planes, set targets for them and switch to my guns and start shooting. I don’t have to do anything with my planes because they already know what to do and which target to drop on. The only time I ever have to concern with my aircrafts is when I have to launch them again and set targets for them to strike. And whether I have planes left to launch.

The CV rework forces ME to control my aircrafts, from taking off to landing. Imagine how that would be such a !@#$ing horrible thing to have to play CV hybrids. If I control planes, I cannot control the ship. If I control the ship, I cannot control the planes. Being able to simultaneously control both the ship and the aircrafts is THE !@#$ing POINT of CV hybrids. Doing just one of the two things at a time is NOT the POINT of CV hybrids.

And now they want to bring CV hybrids in the game. Isn't it insulting enough to real CVs already? Now they are gonna drag more ships to be disrespected? This is disrespecting the ships they're gonna add into the game, because their very purpose has been undermined by a !@#$ty concept.


Also, this !@#$ing single-entity control system forces WG to remove some Scenarios. With RTS CV system, one carrier could control more than one squadron, which reduces the load of the servers when controlling those carriers. Imagine the server load when it’s 4 AI carriers controlling a MERE 4 squadrons.

In Dynamo, it was a Langley or a Bogue that launched aircrafts for each side. 101 aircraft rating and completely invisible. Remember how many squadrons were in Dynamo, for EACH SIDE? At least a dozen, up to 20. In the reworked system, that means at least 12 CVs have to be present just to control ONLY ONE squadron EACH.

Unless they actually bring back the RTS system for AI CVs in Scenarios, using the reworked CV system in Scenarios is just asking to be inefficient.

Also when WG said that one of the goals of the rework is to make CVs one entity? What a load of crap. What a carrier's load of crap. How is that ONE entity? With RTS CVs, I could open the tactical map and see the whole battle playing out, manually controlling my air groups and my ship at the same time. The CV rework doesn't even allow me to take manual control of my ships while I control my planes. How is leaving the ship to autopilot while controlling the planes ONE ENTITY?


Aircraft carriers aren’t battleships or cruisers or destroyers or submarines. They are so far away from those ship types that they !@#$ing changed naval warfare and warfare in general. So why the !@#$ would CVs in this game play remotely similar to those ships? And even then, in WoWS, BBs, CRs, DDs and subs play very similar to their IRL counterparts - shoot guns, launch torps, dodge enemies, scout, etc. Rework CVs and real CVs are so different, if rework CVs are chameleons then RTS CVs are real fire-breathing dragons.

Isn’t it a disservice for real CVs that CVs in WoWS are reworked into whatever the !@#$ this is? Do CVs in real life control only one group of aircrafts at any given time and leave the rest in the ship?

What I hate is the very concept of the rework.

Who asked for overhaul of the RTS system asked for bomber simulation?

Is this another case of "be careful what you wish for", just like "re-grinding ship lines"? Is WG an evil genie?

What happened to damage reduction of aircraft weapons? Better squadron responses? Easier alt-attack mode?

Was it WoWP that influenced this !@#$ ?

Even some mechanics in the rework are utterly stupid. Automated DCP? Area-only fighters that show their AO for the enemy team to see??? Where's CV vs CV, whereas all other ship types can fight amongst themselves???


I cannot be the only one who don’t play reworked CVs because I prefer RTS system and hate the rework. Unlike those circle jerkers in NA who think all CVs are the Anti-Christ and need to be purged.

I wanted to be good at RTS CVs. After playing about 40 battles in PTS 0.8.0 and Live 0.8.0, I stopped playing CVs altogether.

What I HATE is the very CONCEPT of the rework.

I expected something and I was disappointed. Unlike some people who couldn’t stop screeching and dictating that everyone must hate what they hate, I know that if it’s not for me, it’s not for me. In this case it will never be for me, ever again.

This thread is the only time I will say "I HATE CV rework" like this.


PS. This isn’t the first time I absolutely hate something in a game that I play.

I also hate islands in this game. They block my shells and torps, and they protect my enemies? Ocean is the only map this game ever needed for PvP.

Most animations in Skyrim are atrocious and poorly made. Jumping is floaty as !@#$, combat and mining swings are !@#$ing weightless and I don’t even know why I would ever re-install that game ever again. Every time I want to install it, there are a boat load of things I have to install along to make the game palatable and somewhat engaging. Am I playing the !@#$ing game or playing the mods then?

Diablo 3 was a good game when it launched and for some times before Loot 2.0. That thing - Loot 2.0, brought the game down to a bloody bore. Set and legendary items are trashy because they pigeonhole all builds into whatever the !@#$ those items dictate them to. The only fun sets are the only few generalist sets that empower every build I want to play. The game got to the point that a set empowers something between 1 to 20 thousand percent. !@#$ing stupid. There is no variety. There is no agency left in the game to be engaged by it.

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Honestly I hate these rework concept since they changed 0.8.0
Nerfed AA range and damage many of good AA like USN,KM,MN,RM,RN BB gone like to shit (almost useless against the low tier planes) caused lost of comfortable

Many good alpha damage like premium CV can devastation in one squadron instead of a few plane per attack which reduce  the chance to make huge damage. Compare with RTS we have 6 attack planes per squadron could decide target's destiny that dead or alive and other DD,CL/CA,BB who was AA role is more important to against all odds

The result of this rework we lost a lot of tier 5 7 9 CV and Scenario Mode such as Untimate Frontier,Dunkirk,Hermes and Cherry Blossoms which can make great profit for taking high tier by the ton of exp and credits 

I only can do is pray if the next life is real I wish to stay with RTS CV until WoWS is no more for service rather to suffer with these rework bullshit

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