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[Contest] Post your Screenshot (!Read Conditions!)

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Post your screenshot at the link below:



Mesage and Conditions:


Has anyone else started their Five Epochs of the Navy campaign? We are working our way back up the tech trees, and this week's challenge will help you get started on your campaign tasks! You need to earn 2 "Destroyed" ribbons in either an Umikaze or Tátra. The complete list of entry requirements includes: 

  1. Play an Umikaze or Tátra in either Random Battle or Co-op 
  2. Earn 2 "Destroyed" ribbons 
  3. Win the battle

Please submit your end battle screenshots from battles between September 9th 13:00 EST (22:00 UTC) to September 14th 18:00 EST (22:00 UTC).

One randomly-selected winner will receive a Campbeltown (Tier III RN Destroyer), and the two runner-ups will each get 10 Restless Fire camos. Make sure to share this contest with your friends and clanmates. Thank you guys for all of your submissions and GOOD LUCK! 





Contest Timezones:

September 10 - September 15

330AM / 0330 in UTC+5.5 / IST

430AM / 0430 in UTC+6.5 / MMT

5AM / 0500 in UTC+7 / ICT & WIB

6AM / 0600 in UTC+8 / SGT, HKT, MYT, BNT, & PHST

6AM / 0600 in UTC+8 / AWST & WITA

7AM / 0700 in UTC+9 / JST, KST, & WIT

730AM / 0730 in UTC+9.5 / ACST

8AM / 0800 in UTC+10 / AEST & ChST

10AM / 1000 in UTC+12 / NZST


September 09 - September 14

12NN / 1200 in UTC-10 / HST

3PM / 1500 in UTC-7 / PDT

5PM / 1700 in UTC-5 / CDT

6PM / 1800 in UTC-4 / EDT



*AU DST and NA ST (Currently Not in Use)

September 10 - September 15

830AM / 0830 in UTC+10.5 / ACDT

9AM / 0900 in UTC+11 / AEDT

11AM / 1100 in UTC+13 / NZDT


September 09 - September 15

4PM / 1600 in UTC-8 / PST

6PM / 1800 in UTC-6 / CST

7PM / 1900 in UTC-5 / EST


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40 minutes ago, Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart said:

5 epochs is tier 2-4 or something, too low for ships i like to play.

There are 5 mission stages. Stage one is the only one requiring low tier ships.

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I am really enjoying playing up the tech trees. Some of the Epoch missions require specific ships, but I have been using low-tier DDs for the rest of the tasks. It's been a lot of fun 🙂

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:posts black screen:

That's all I'm currently getting when trying to start the game from the Game Centre.

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Sadly, I'm way past this stage and waiting for the next...

World of Warships Screenshot 2020.09.11 -

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