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Best Ship Upgrades and Capt skills for operations ?

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I have been grinding some T7 lines ( BB + CL ) thru Narai. And got to wondering if using a typical Random game setup, is optimal ?

For instance I do really need CE  and PT  ?

Is Steering Gears M1 generally better than Damage Control System M2  ?  etc , etc

So I thought I would through it open and get some thoughts from others 

and would these setups also apply to T6 operation - Killer whale + Aegis too  ?

Many thanks

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We had a bit of a discussion about this in Social Wolves discord the other day.

If you are a CA / CL in Narai and you don't hide from Missy... well you need one of two things - learn that she does this, or PT so you know when to dodge!

CE of reduced (maybe no) use in Operations.

I have many BBs with secondary specialised builds that I am happy to smash through ops with but are suboptimal for Random PvP.

When I first bought Surrey, I only had a prespecced 10 point UK captain with BFT / AFT spare to put on her. When I do warcrimes in Surrey (the transports) I get a LOAD of secondary hits which, whether its optimal or not, is DAMN FUN!

The question is, can you afford to have a specialised Op captain?

If you are going to do a lot of ops, then a 19 point specialised captain to farm Elite XP with may be an option.

But if you only have one captain for a given ship, well, ops aren't THAT demanding on captain skills so you may as well spec for randoms.

We do a lot of ops in Social Wolves. All are welcome and we talk about such things.

All welcome in discord - https://discord.gg/ZFCrtar

Not a clan, an informal group of us who play together.

Be nice, play ops, chat about botes.


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For a skilled team like the Wolves, an optimal Ops build is not necessarily. A 7 man team of Wolves could go into any Op with almost any ship and come out on top (Skilled simply means: knows what they are doing and are able to coordinate with each other).

That said, I would not stress too much about an “optimal” build for Ops. Nice to have if you do a lot of them, and you will find yourself under fire a lot, so survival skills will help, but otherwise, just comes down to skill and knowledge of the scenario.

If you intend to take the same captains and ships into Random, I would spec for random. A random build won’t make much difference in Ops. But an Ops build will make a difference in Random. 

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On PvE, all builds that don't work in Random are generally better.

Concealment - Unlike the human-controlled enemy ships, the bot-controlled enemies are so fixated on a single target they spot first. I mean if your BB is the first to get spotted, they will keep shooting at you until you can hide. In fact most cruisers & DDs can use this advantage to go pew-pew on open water, which is kind of dumb to do in Random That being said, concealment build is useless/unnecessary.

Secondary - This is a must actually. @Max_Battle said it all. Although my take is to avoid the Manual Secondary skill because it robs your ship's ability to use all secondaries both sides when needed. And since the engagement range in Ops is relatively short, your secondaries can hit things without the skill better than in Random.

AA - Well, ever since CV rework happened, none of the Ops make this build necessary. Most enemy CVs have been replaced by BBs. Raptor Rescue is the only exception for now, but the CVs are still broken.

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