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World of Warships Anniversary!

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5years for War Gaming and 2 years for me on APAC/ SEA!!! Woot good times

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Wishing WoWs team a happy 5th anniversary.

My wish to you is, don't anger your community / playerbase.
Remember it is your customer's "word of mouth" that will recommend the game to their friends and colleagues.
Angering them would not only not recommend your game, but also leave the game in search for a better one.

If there is a new mechanic and it is very unpopular, do not force it / double down on it. It will only bring harm to both the community and company.
Naval Training Center (later renamed to Research Bureau) and Puerto Rico are some example of poor client to customer relation.
No proper apology from the Puerto Rico fiasco and no rework was done to Research Bureau as promised.

My wish to you in your 5th anniversary is to improve client to customer relationship.
Talk to them. Listen to them. Hear their and concern.
You have a diverse playerbase. Causal and Competitive. PvE and PvP. F2P and P2A. Ranked and Clan.
Balance their needs and concern.

It is not about you (WoWs), it is about them (playerbase and community). Without them (playerbase and community), you (WoWs) will not survive long term.

That said, happy 5th anniversary WoWs.

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