Well of course any class of ships require the player not to go do stupid mistake but read my words the other class players are allowed that margin of error and can play with relative ease when DD player not only not afford the margin of error but as put forth by many here require exceedingly higher level of expertise to even able to fight on , then it's by design penalising the DD players for no other reason other than that they are playing DD Yes , DD can be play in this meta , does not mean it's right or even fair ....  Where playing all other class you will be penalised if you made stupid mistakes but average players can still put in effort and play and get rewarded for their effort where as stated by you guys that DD players require high skill cap and placed with high strain and require that ( skill level ) to even start play straight and yet can we call that fairness at play. And it's not me or DD player too focused on the capping, damage dealing it's the game itself ... You simply are not rewarded duely for all the hard work unless you happen to do the prior mentioned. As I like to put it there is every negative incentive placed when DD go out to do so many of these so call DD thing. I state that in previous post all the other class are allowed their play with RELATIVE EASE , allowing player to play and possibility to excel if you play well and not commencing stupid mistakes ... DD no you are required to had that high  esteem of a skill level to even able to start playing ( and hope that your team's others are actually team playing ) ... so again yes it's certainly true it's playable with the meta on hand but that does not made it right and fundamentally DD need a rework to allow the range the stealth the speed and the maneuverability as they are mean to be having I will reiterate it's not about can or how DD are to be play in this meta it can and there are ways to do so .... Does not negate the fact that the meta which create this unfair playing field against the class - in game it's an imbalance but I would term it a discrimination
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