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How to uncle Wyoming

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I play Wyoming recently and feel like something is wrong.

I don't know how to fight with 2 aircraft carrier that constantly bomb me left and right until I sunk.

Uncle Wyoming is very slow too. I think he's 20 knot at straight line but drop to 15 when I try to dodge left and right.


Why uncle? Well ... Playing him feel like he is an old man...

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All USN BB from T3 to T7 will only run at 21 knots.


That said, here is a WoWs wiki for AA.


It may not be much but I hope the information helps.
It is expected that you can not swallow all the information.
Feel free to ask if you have difficulty.

Also if you are a newcomer and have questions about the game and it's mechanics, you can post here:
The community will help as best as they can.

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Best suggestion is to learn which types of planes to turn into and show side to, then what thing will hurt you the most.

Torp bombers - front or rear towards to minimise damage

Dive Bombers - show side

Rockets - same as torp bombers

Balance all these against enemies shooting you or enemy ship torpedoes launched against you. Plane torps/bombs hurt less than big AP salvos or ship torpedoes.

Plus side is low tier US BBs have excellent turning circles.

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