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Japanese battleship KANEDA (1912)

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I am a player who loves World of Worship. I recently learned interesting information about the Japanese battleship during World War II. Japan designed a 500,000-ton battleship during World War II, much larger than Yamato, the world's largest battleship. This is designed Japanese vice admiral.
The ship's name is Kaneda, which has six engine thrusters.
The speed was up to 42 knots. This is a 500,000-ton ultra-dreadnought class in Japan.The armed forces are very powerful, the largest view of the main warship in history, and it also has a torpedo. He was also very defensive. You can see the defense if you look at the picture. I imagine what it would be like to play this interesting Japanese battleship in the game. It is my wish, but I would appreciate it very much if World of Warship launched the Japanese battleship Kaneda. Of course, the balance of the game. Thank you very much for reading my suggestion.

IJN BB 가네다.jpg

일본전함 50만톤급 가네다2.jpg

일본전함 50만톤급 가네다.jpg

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