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HMAS Armadale Teddy Sheean & premium ship flags

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Hi devs,

Recently  in Australia Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheean (18yrs  old at the time of his death) was awarded the Victorian Cross by the Queen of England for the act of bravery during the sinking of the HMAS Armidale on the 1st December 1942.

One of the News articles can be found here. https://www.themercury.com.au/news/queen-approves-tassie-seaman-teddy-sheeans-posthumous-victoria-cross-medal/news-story/21fbddaa528454ab3b84b827ac1431fd

Basically as the Armidale was sinking Sheean helped his surviving shipmates onto life boats, as stated by one of his fellow crewmen he thought Sheean was going to jump aboard but after releasing the life boat he ran back tand straped himself into the anti aircraft gun and fired upon Japanese fighters which were still strafing the surviours in the boat. He continued to fire upon the enemy aircraft downing one and damaging others.  He was either killed by enemy fire or when the Armidale sunk.  I think it would be great if perhaps World of Warships could honour this young man's selfless act by either introducing the Armidale as a premium warship or a patch. 

My second suggestion is could you please introduce a method where flags for premium ships could be brought as a extra add-on for those that don't want the captain/ flags or doubloons.  More often then not I will buy the Admirals pack, but it would be great when I'm running low on cash to be able to just get the ship and pay the extra dollars or doubloons for the flag.

Keep up the good work on the game. 

Could you please 

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23 hours ago, Pretty_Reckless said:

introducing the Armidale as a premium warship

I'm sorry, but you are asking for a Sub-Tier 1 premium that makes all the other tier 1 cruisers look like Smolensks as you have 1 102mm Gun to 3-4 Bigger Guns or Black Swan's 6 102mm guns.

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