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Ranger on Newport

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So I decided to buy Ranger again as a part of my fleet expansion plan (I've got Midway btw). However I noticed 2 big issues with Ranger in Newport that I never found in the other modes:

  1. HE bombs deal 0 damage on almost all DDs, only incapacitated ribbons. - As we know HE bombs are actually more effective against DDs than rockets due to the short prep time, and higher alpha per hit. But on this case, the bombs only deal damage on the DDs that spawn in the later waves (T5-7 DDs).
  2. The enemies' AA strength on the last wave. - Most cruisers that spawn during the main attack have DefAA consumable. I know this has been a thing since the RTS era, but that's still too much for the current CVs to deal with despite CV's infamous gimmick called "unlimited planes". It doesn't help either when the bots in this Ops know how to blob better than players in Randoms. And the Izumo's presence during the main attack is a salt on the wound. I mean during the RTS era, the AA on Japanese BBs were useless. But now even Musashi with her "non-existent AA" can actually shoot down planes.

I don't have the screenshot, but I have the replay. I ended up with 1 star, and all my teammates were dead.


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The low tier DDs are very small and hard to hit with HE bombs, hence the 0 damage incapacitations from near misses. It is best to just use rockets against them, especially since the bots don't turn off their AA and they just sail in a straight path, only turning to dodge torps.

Yes AA can be pretty strong - especially if your team fails the first half of the Op because the Aoba and Nurnberg that would have spawned to kill the friendly Baltimore would now spawn with the main force. And having 3 T6-7 ships sailing together is more than enough AA to shoot down your T6 planes. Pre-drop when necessary.

The Izumo's AA is no slouch either. Yeah sure Japanese AA might be bad but it is still T9 AA against T6 planes. It will still cost planes to attack.

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