@mademoisail¬†has asked us to come up with ANZ or SEA historical events or holidays that she can use to make Forum Contests for us. I'm sure I can some up with some Aussie ones, but what about The Philippines? What kind of dates have some Naval meaning for you? Malaysians? What national dates do you have have that she could use to make a Forum Comp? Surely some Chinese players have a date or two special to them that could turn into a competition? (Not a complete list of South East Asian countries ūüėõ¬†Please don't take offence if I didn't mention your homeland!) At the moment, there are a lot of nationalities and cultures included under the SEA bracket. We will ALL benefit if we ALL benefit. Complain if you want, whinge that your specific nation and your specific region and your specific town and your specific house and you specificially aren't given everything you want! Or... get the chance to grab a couple of small free things for little to no effort! Oh and if everyone could stay on topic that would be great as it's important to.... ....HEY LOOK A SQUIRREL! ¬† EDIT: Running tally of Events/Dates. (Some additionals may have been PMed to Mademoisail) (Also see S0und_Thief's post) Battle of the Yalu River(Yellow Sea) -¬†30 April to 1 May 1904 The Attack on HMS Amethyst on the Yellow River -¬†20 April 1949 Battle of Java Sea -¬†‚Äé27 February 1942 Naval Battle of Malaya (The Sinking of Prince of Wales & Repulse) -¬†10 December 1941 HMS Achilles (New Zealand) vs Graf Spee -¬†13 December 1939 SS Otaki (New Zealand) vs¬†SMS M√∂we (Germany) - 10 March 1917 Teddy Sheean¬†(VC)¬†HMAS Armidale, Arafura Sea, Timor - 1 December 1942 HMAS Sydney vs SMS Emden,¬†Cocos Islands -¬†9 November 1914 HMNZS Moa and HMNZS Kiwi¬†vs IJN Submarine¬†I-1 - 29th January 1943