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Submarine Battles results and work on submarines

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There exist certain problems according to the devblog in my concern.

1. About BB's asw planes, since they "call" these planes, does it mean that the planes arrive from out of the map instead of launched by BBs?  If so, I do not consider it a good means to introduce a certain means to do anything: each vessel is meant to fight with what it is loaded onboard.  If BBs can call planes from out side of the map, then why carriers do not stay out side of the map and just deliver planes when "called"?

2. These asw planes are more than asw planes.   They spot vessels according to BBs' targeting.  This may potentially alter the current concelment balance.

3. Torpedeos are still hard to make a hit.  According to previous experience and design, subs are meant to aim at large, slow vessel, i.e., BBs.  The devs made their torps lose homing within 1km.  And now pinged vessels know whether they are locked on or not.  This requires subs to get very close to make a hit.  And now subs are countered by anyone, even BBs, which were intended to be their main target.

4. It is not easy to spot from a periscope.  Isn't it more difficult to spot a periscope?

Submarines are intended to be a silent hunter.  And now it is hunted by anyone.

There are also problem with previous sub battle. The previous submarine battle is filled with bots.  BB bots, DD bots, etc.  You just cannot say that because subs score multiple kills in such battles, they are overpowered.  It is way more difficult to torp real players than bots.  Many BB players just heard that "subs hunt BBs", and stayed out of sub battle.  Another problem is there were too many subs.  According to previous blogs, devs only intended to implement 1 or 2 subs on each side during a battle, not 4 subs, which was often the case during sub battle mode.  The gameplay is quite different on different numbers.  Suppose a battle with 4 carriers on each side, that would be kind of insane.

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