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Asymmetric battle survey

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One of the main features of Update 0.9.8 will be a new temporary battle type with an uneven distribution of ships per team - Asymmetric Battle. The teams in Asymmetric Battle will differ in the number of ships and their tiers, but we have made sure that the strength of both teams is as equal as possible. 

Today we have prepared a small survey to get your opinion on the effectiveness of different team compositions in Asymmetric Battle.

To participate in the survey you need to perform a few simple steps:

1.    Follow the link: https://proships.ru/stat/meta/asyn/.
2.    Choose your game server from the list.
3.    Sign in with your Wargaming account.
4.    After that, you will be shown the different compositions of teams for Asymmetric Battle, and you just need to choose which team you think would win in each battle and click the button. If you are not sure about the result of the battle, you can press the "Draw" button.
5.    To collect statistics, each participant of the survey should choose the result for 10-20 different battles.

Thank you for your participation in the development of the project and good luck in battle!

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