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German Aircraft Carriers Review

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I find the german rocket attack planes (tech tree cv) cannot use islands as cover during an attack run because of the way the aim time functions, compared to all other nations rocket attack planes. A player will press left mouse button to initiate attack, the crosshair will fast forward beyond target, then slowly retard towards target, while arming for player to fire.

Very unique, and not necessary. It holds zero advantages from what i can see.

The high altitude dive bombers are also disadvantaged in the same way, (tech tree cv) they cannot use islands as part of their attack preparations for cover from AA, and are exposed to exorbitant amounts of AA fire on attack runs before, during and after, (probably why they have been given repair ability).

Just my honest review, only up to tier 6 so far.

I look forward to testing the new premium tier 6 german cv.

Thank you for all your work.



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