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旭日旗復活について パート2

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不当な抗議によりWorld of Warshipsから削除された日本の海軍旗「旭日旗」を復活させる為の署名を集めているようです。






The decision to not use the Rising Sun flag by in WG created games, has been made at WG HQ in Minsk. No amount of petitions or forum threads will change that. It will not be changed. Further threads on the issue will be sanctioned harder. 


WG decides what goes in to the game, contentwise. No one else. WG owns the game, they develop the game, and they alone decide what they want or dont want to put into their game.

If WG decides that they do not want to put something in, because of whatever reason they decide warrants that decision, thats how its going to be. No matter how much you complain, or feel hurt on your national pride, or on your desire for historical accuracy.


With that said, WG has said it is fine if people mod the game, to display the content on their own computers, as they see fit. But that doesn't necessarily mean that pictures of said content will be legal to be displayed on the forums - It won't. 


Player warned, Thread locked.


Moderation team, WoWS Asia



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Thread locked, Player warned
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