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NPC in League of Legends

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I felt like become those NPC in League of Legends to be farmed by the heroes to filled their Mana.
The premium ships in WoWs are surely better than any normal ships ...
(duh, of course they are:Smile_trollface:, that's the point spending $60 for)

When there's multiple, like 4~6 premium ships in opposite side, while there's non in my side,
Pretty much sure it will be a tough situation. Most of the Wallet warrior are pros, their shot rarely missed.
So it's down to who have better armor & better cannons.
Most of the time, if I can penetrate once, they does thrice.

Not saying delete Premy ships, but balance their distribution in matchmaking.
Let my team have heroes too, not just a group of NPC ready to be slaughter.
The increasing amount of user using their premium ships make me assume ...
that they don't care anymore using normal ships, because why should they be ?
Normal ships has so many limitation, it is design to be like that, to make premy ships looks like a good deal.

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I totally agree. Many times the mm is very inbalanced for premium. How can Stalingrad be in the same team as enterprise while the other team has no premium at all?

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Well I've seen enough to know MM simply screws players .... Almost always

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