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Gun Fire Control Module (Unquantifiable)

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Hi Guys,


Just a quick question on the Main Battery Gun Fire Control Module; can anyone quantify how much of an increase this module produces?  I have experimented with it and found no discernible improvements to my chance to hit.


Every other module has a value attached to it.  I'm curious why this one doesn't.







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Beta Tester
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If you compare the 'spread' of a normal BB salvo, you will find that your shots are more tightly grouped - even at the extremity of range when using this module. This does not guarantee a hit, that boils down to many factors of the individual, however I believe what it does guarantee is the greater probability of a few shells hitting if the range and lead are correct.


So to be a tad more technical I believe this module tightens the 'spread' or C.E.P. (Circular Error Probability: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circular_error_probable) for all guns fired. Apart from that, I agree that some kind of quantifier on the module would assist people to make a better 'informed decision'. Perhaps the Devs are still toying with the numbers here?

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