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What is the Future of Operations?

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With the recent, unannounced removal of Narai from the roster (again), We must ask; Do Operations have any future in this game?

I don't have the numbers, actual or spreadsheet, but from people in the forums and those I play with, I would say that operations has a good amount of fans, certainly enough to build on with improvements. The fact that there are still so many people who play only co-op indicate that there are a lot of PvE players in the game.

WG put a lot of focus on operations when they were brought out, but in recent years, they seem to be moving in the opposite direction, and the remaining ops lay buggy and abandoned by the developers, and as things go, I feel it is only a matter of time before they get removed.

Which is a pity, because I feel that Operations add a lot to the game, allowing you to use ships in different manner to how you use them in random, and being a refuge for those players who strive for perfection through memorizing patterns and preparing, rather than adapting on the fly and trying to outthink a human opponent.

As someone who plays all game modes, I certainly feel that operations are fun, especially with friends, and I own many T6 and 7 ships I would never have bought if not for operations.

Operations had SO much potential, historically based battles, using other tiers, and maybe a refuge for odd classes such as subs which would be awkward in random.

So, I ask of any WG developers, staff, mods etc... What is the Future of Operations?

All we have heard is "We're not focusing on operations right now", but is that just code for "we don't really care about operations anymore, we just want to do PvP because its easy, and we can keep throwing new ships at it"?

I hope that you re-evaluate the importance for Operations, because the game does need something new, and many players are already sick of all the new lines, cutting back a line or two per year to focus on operations would be a welcome change, I feel.

Maybe I and my friends are just the minority, maybe people in the wider community don't care for operations, CCs certainly don't mention them much. But if they do go, I wil;l be said, because they could have been great, a real gem for the game, had attention ben given to them.

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My guess is if someone is beaten in PvP by a premium, that someone may assume they need a premium to win and thus buy a premium.

People are unlikely to be beaten by a Fuso in Aegis and then think they need to buy a premium.

I of course am as much a fan of Ops as you or anyone and would like to see them all back and more of them.

It feels like we were spoilt for choice a little while back.

I remember divving up with in game friends and deciding if we wanted to do Aegis, Narai or Cherry Blossom... wow, remember? When you could choose to do a T6, T7 or T8 operation at will?

These were great fun, got me buying premium time (and ships!) and enjoying the game.

Anyway, re: your post - I concur.

EDIT: Last night, a group of us played Narai. Many of us were in Discord. It was obvious from all the accents that we were from a few different countries and it was extremely cool. We were brought together and worked together as a team - this is what Ops can do. How many times have you been in discord with 5-6 people in PvP (outside of clan battles) and calmly and with good nature and friendship, organised and coordinated a great play?

About never I'd say.

Oh God, am I about to sing "what we need is a great big melting pot"?

I'll do it.

You can't stop me.

You can stop the Ops but you can't stop me singing.

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I hope the operation will come back again as well.

Missing of the time when playing Operation with friends.

Playing clan war is a play with a large group of friends. But the atmosphere in the game will be fun in different ways

I hope that WG will turn their attention to this mode again.


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Yes, ops with friends is good. NEVER HAS SOCIAL WOLVES LOST A NARAI. NEVA. NOT EVEN ONE. To question that record is Heresy.

Also, it must be Lancer that put in the suggestion to remove Narai for I always beat him into submission.

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